Traffic Jammer Deluxe

Traffic Jammer Deluxe 1.09

A mind-bending logic puzzle game. Test your mettle over 100+ levels, or try your skills on the real-
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A mind-bending game of logic and skill. Test your brain power over 100+ puzzle levels graded from easy-peasy up to fiendishly hard, or try your reflexes and planning skills on the real-time Arcade Mode! Build your own custom puzzle levels with a complete Level Editor, and share them with your friends!
Simply guide the cars home using the colored arrows - sounds easy doesn't it? But with 100+ do you have what it takes to be a Traffic Jammer Champion?

Features include:
- Unlimited Plays
- 100+ Puzzle levels
- Frantic Arcade Mode
- Full Level Editor
- Full tutorial to get you started
(Free Trial is limited to 10 plays, and has restricted features and levels)

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